Our experience in planning new initiatives, implementing ongoing programs, and managing an agency staff means we understand the challenges which government managers face. We have worked in a variety of government and private sector environments, and we look for ways to bring the best of each one to match the client’s needs. Our work usually fills one (or more) of these three roles:

As your affordable housing experts

We are experienced in getting results with properties protected with layers of affordability restrictions.

  • Financing/Underwriting – Can take on the most complex transactions because we’ve seen everything before
  • Portfolio Management – Ensure properties are in good repair and are financially viable
  • Greening projects – Prioritize sustainability through improving building materials, lowering utility usage, and mitigating contamination
  • Support of legal efforts – Help with litigation, compliance, and regulation drafting

As your agency “think tank” and change managers

We combine our housing and management experience with critical thinking and a practical mindset.

  • Process design – Step-by-step systems that encompass all the regulatory and programmatic requirements
  • Training – Teach the new process or on-board new staff
  • Informational resources – Create guides, manuals, and databases to support the change
  • Web portals – Team with programmers to design a digital space for sharing documents and managing transactions (see Section 508 Compliance info here)

As your resource for executing projects

We help get you through your busy periods because we’re fast learners, flexible, and productive.

  • Management consulting – Analyze performance metrics, direct workflow, and keep projects on schedule
  • Extra capacity – Step in to help overcome position vacancies and work surges
  • Program review reports – Objectively look at what succeeded and what could be improved
  • Q&A Resource – Learn as much as possible to be a knowledge base for staff and outside agencies
See how we put these into action.